Vodlozero National Park

VodlozeroVodlozero National Park  is one of the most beautiful natural wealth of Karelia. This incredible natural paradise spreads over about million hectares, from the Republic of Karelia to the Archangelsk Region. Vodlozerye - is an ancient historical area of the Russian North where you can find fascinating reminds of original culture which are presented in traditions of indigenous people, names of places and remarkable wooden architecture.
The territory of the Park is a huge taiga forest with vast wetlands, great amount of rivers, large and small lakes with a variety of flora and fauna. The forest of Vodlozerye is a unique example of typical northern and central taiga of Eurasia and can be considered as one of the biggest in the world. The forests of Vodlozerye are also rich in blueberry, cranberry, cowberry and cloudberry which are so tasty and healthful. The lovers of mushroom can enjoy picking them up as anywhere alse.
Water is inseparable from the Vodlozero landscape - whether it is seeping surreptitiously, flowing peacefully, cascading sublimely or even coming down in torrents! It is forever changing depending on the season and refreshing the scene. Small forest lakes and  Lake Vodlozero itself are of glacier origin.
Vodlozero National Park was established by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation in 1991 to preserve the unique natural environment and cultural heritage of the Vodlozero area, to carry out scientific research, organize ecological education and tourism. The Park became the first protected object of such level on the European North of Russia. In 2001 by the decree of UNESCO the Park received the status of biosphere reserve, the first one in the Russian system of national parks. 
The Vodlozero National Park today is the venue for international scientific expeditions, seminars, conferences and museum exhibitions. The Park also arranges ecological camps and programs. Ancient ceremonies of local folk festivals, songs, crafts are reviving here. Old churches are being restored, chapels and holy crosses are being erected in honor of ravaged villages. One of the priority tasks of the Park is the organization of ecotourism which corresponds with its worldwide principles. Such types of tourism as traveling around rivers and lakes, nature and ecological routes, scientific and educational programmes for specialists, students and pupils are popular here.

The National Park is full of wonderful places to enjoy the wonders of undisturbed nature, pure air and water, peace and quiet far from the hustle and bustle of  the city.


Important! You need a special permit to visit the national park.

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